Friday, August 5, 2016

Nantucket - Thursday & Friday - 8/4 & 8/5/16

We really didn't want to leave Nantucket! So much so that we asked the hotel management at least a dozen times if they had any availability so we could stay one more night. Not surprisingly, they didn't have a single room open. 

When I initially told Eric we were going to Nantucket for 7 nights, he thought it was way too long. I didn't understand his logic at all, and of course, I was right! We could have stayed two weeks easily! If we hadn't gotten lucky with nice weather I don't think we would have felt so strongly, but we did, and therefore were very sad to leave!

The forecast for today was perfect, and we couldn't get back to Steps Beach fast enough! We decided to sit outside on the patio at breakfast, and this couple in their 40's sat next to us and struck up a conversation. The woman had a warm and friendly personality that made me feel like she could have been one of my aunts! Clearly, she felt comfortable with me too because she flat out asked me how old I was. haha. 

Turns out they had stayed at 21 Broad last year and loved it so much they came back. Ironically, they were just in Napa in June, and we told them how we're going in September. They stayed at the Bardessono, which is one of the most expensive hotels in Napa, and highly recommended taking a hot air balloon ride. We told them how we're enjoying life before kids, and the husband advised getting divorced because then you can leave your kids with the other parent and still do whatever you want! LOL He was kidding of course, but definitely made a good point. I guess divorced parents don't have it so bad after all...

Back to our last beach day...

I didn't want Something Natural for lunch again, so I ventured into this adorable cafe across the street called the The Corner Table Cafe to pick up food before we left. We planned to stay as late as possible at the beach, so we packed up the cooler with food, champagne, and beer and were ready to go!

As you can see, never that crowded

Poppin' that Chandon like a baller

This salad in a jar could not be more perfect for enjoying a healthy meal on the beach! 

The cafe provided a paper bowl and utensils so it's easy to eat

Eric's "Puritan" sandwich was not as good as Something Natural, but we had to try something new

Eric's tasty chicken salad with herbs

By around 6pm, we decided to head back to the hotel feeling sad that our Nantucket beach time was officially over. We didn't do much on our last night, besides eat a quick dinner and shop around. 

View of the courtyard from our room

The forecast on departure day was perfect, which made it even harder to leave! We took our sweet time in the morning hanging out and packing. We had nothing left to do but enjoy one last meal and take a little walk around town.

Streets of Nantucket

Famous Nantucket bookshop

Famous Nantucket clothing store - very pricey!

Taking it all in once last time

Since Cru was the first restaurant we ate at, and also our FAV, it was only fitting to enjoy our last meal there too

Eric's fried fish sandwich - obviously it was excellent!

My fresh and flavorful chicken salad

I'd like to know who owns this yacht!

One yacht after another


Lighthouse in the distance

Another shot of the patio at our hotel, right before departing

View from the ferry

Shot from the ferry


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nantucket - Wednesday - 8/3/16

YAY Beach day! I was so pumped to wake up knowing we were headed back to Steps Beach. We planned to leave early and enjoy the longest beach day possible. Our new hotel, 21 Broad is closer to Steps Beach so our walk would be shortened by a good 5-10 minutes which is quite convenient! 

The new room was amazing! The king bed was wonderfully spacious and comfortable, and I was loving the extra space. Breakfast was similar to 76 Main, except the coffee here tasted better for some reason. They must brew different beans.

We stopped at Something Natural again to pick up sandwiches for the  beach, and off we went. The first few hours were a bit windy, but it calmed shortly after and we enjoyed another glorious beach day.

Lounging for hours

Could the sky be any more blue?

Eric getting ready to crack open a beer

That's Eric out there swimming away

Front view of my one-piece

The back is cute too! I love the crazy patterns

By 4pm we really didn't want to leave! However, I made a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant and we had to head back to shower. 

Adorable bar cart on the patio for BYOB Happy Hour

The second floor windows are our room. We faced the patio

On the way up to the room, I took a few shots of the lobby. Loved all the decor! They did a great job

We hung out and enjoyed a glass of vino on the porch before dinner

Eric looking cute like always!

I could sit here and enjoy the view all night!

My dinner reservation was made at a restaurant named Oran Mor, and it was only a few blocks away. I chose this restaurant because the yelp reviews were so good, and people raved about the cocktails.

When we arrived the manager actually showed us around the restaurant and allowed us to choose which table we preferred. So far so good! We chose a private little booth near the bar with our own window. 

The service here was excellent and we loved the food. Nantucket is quite the foodie island!

Those are my wedding earrings! I always get compliments on them too

First round - my rose on the right and Eric's bourbon based cocktail on the left

The only negative thing I can say - no free bread basket. They charge $4 for this! Pretty bad

Eric looks great!

My peas and wildflower appetizer was phenomenal! Can you beat this presentation? I wish I could make this!

Decadent oysters for Eric - he thought they were amazinggg

Aviation on the left, and Flaming Daisy on the right. The Flaming Daisy was a twist on a spicy margarita that got spicier as you drank. The Aviation was so unique. I loved it

Side of cabbage that tasted like a dish from Sitto and Giddo's house - so good!

Tasty halibut

Eric's lobster pasta with homemade noodles

Dinner was such a lovely experience. Eric and I are so incredibly impressed with the high quality dining in Nantucket. Just one of a many reasons I love it here!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nantucket - Tuesday - 8/2/16

Today ended up being our worst weather day of the week, but we made the best of it by planning to visit Cisco Brewery and Bartlett's Farm. Cisco provides a free shuttle from the center of town to the brewery but you can also walk or bike. We decided to walk because there was a paved trail most of the way and it was only 3-4 miles. I definitely didn't want to rent bikes again! One day of that was plenty.

After our usual morning ritual, we headed out to find the trail. We got a little lost and ended up walking through a graveyard, but eventually we made it. 

Pretty flowers I spotted during our walk to Cisco

The walk flew by and before we knew it we were turning onto Bartlett Farm Rd, where both destinations were located. 

Sign for Bartlett Farm

We planned to visit Bartlett Farm first, then head over to Cisco for the rest of the afternoon. Unfortunately, this road did not have a sidewalk and we were stuck walking on the edge of the street as trucks and SUV's sped by.  Eric was not happy about this, and complained the whole time! I insisted that we MUST continue our trek to see Bartlett Farm because I had heard so much about it. 

After walking less than 1 mile, we found the entrance. 

Massive cows at the entrance of Bartlett Farm. The smell wasn't so nice

The famous Bartlett Farm!

Bartlett Farm turned out to be a grocery store. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but there was nothing special to see. I think the main attraction is the large outdoor garden section where they sell a huge variety of plants and flowers. 

When we went to check it out, they were setting up a DOG FASHION SHOW charity event in the garden. Yes, that's right, a DOG fashion show. Later that day someone on Instagram posted a video, and it looked like quite an elaborate event.

I concluded Bartlett Farm is nothing but a grocery store where people who rent houses buy food to avoid driving into town. The food selection was decent though and they offered many yummy looking prepared recipes. I bought a small container of salad to bring to Cisco to eat with my lunch later.

We spent maybe 30 minutes looking around and then left for the Brewery.

Cisco Brewery Entrance

I was pleased to learn that Cisco has not only a brewery, but also a winery and distillery. The whole set up was pretty cool. Basically, it was a big open courtyard with a separate bar for the brewery, winery, and distillery. You could walk to the winery and grab a glass of vino, and then try a flight of beer next door at the brewery. For lunch/dinner they offered a half dozen food trucks and even a raw bar. 

On the weekends there is live music all day, but during the week the band starts later in the afternoon. 

Vintage Truck

Eric spotted Johnson Controls equipment and got excited

We stopped in the wine bar first so we could try a few wine flights before it got too busy

We split a Reserve Tasting and a Classic Tasting

The bartender was very friendly and informative. He explained that they used to grow their grapes on the island but the weather was too temperamental. Now the grapes are imported from Washington State. I felt bad for the guy because every single person who walked in immediately asked "Do you grow your grapes on the island?" 

It was barely noon so Eric and I decided to share a few different wine flights on the menu. The bar is very small and they stop tastings as soon as it gets busy. A few of the wines were good, and a few were not that great.  We both enjoyed the port and considered buying it as an experiment. We never drink ports after dinner but thought it might be fun to try it every once in a while. Overall the tastings were a neat experience.

Next, we headed outside for a guided tour that we had signed up for. The tours are offered twice a day, so we decided why not?

Standing outside waiting for the tour to start

The tour only lasted an hour and was kind of fun. We started with the winery and I was surprised to see what a tiny operation they had. I've been to many wineries and this one looked like it could have been operated out of a shed in someone's backyard. We tasted a few wines and moved on to the brewery and distillery. 

The guide told us that during the winter Cisco employs maybe 15 people, and in the summer up to 60. Very small!

I gave Eric my beer and liquor tastings. I took the tiniest sip of their rum and almost choked. Sick! I think Eric drank the rum and dumped the flavored vodka on the ground.

After the tour Eric squeezed in a quick beer flight at the brewery. Isn't my new Nantucket t-shirt cute?

Such a neat raw bar!

My bacon-wrapped scallops from The Lobster Trap food truck were phenomenal! That is my delicious salad from Bartlett Farm :)

Eric enjoyed a lobster roll and hot french fries

As the tour ended it started to sprinkle. We were hopeful that the rain would hold out, but weren't so lucky. As we were ordering lunch, the rain started to come down hard and lasted just over an hour. There was a section with covered picnic tables, and we scrounged around trying to find a few open seats. Luckily, we were able to eat and stay relatively dry.

Cisco is no fun in the rain! 

While eating the wind picked up and it was just miserable out. We ran into the distillery and figured we'd order a drink and wait for the rain to stop. 

The reviews I read on Yelp raved about the cocktails

Distillery Bar

My cocktail was SO STRONG. I think the bartender just dumped liquor into this cup and added ice. I actually had to throw most of it away

After ordering my cocktail, we decided it time to leave. The weather was clearing up and the place was getting more packed by the minute, but we had had enough. Eric ultimately determined that he was not a fan of Cisco, and would never go back. I think he's being a bit harsh, because it IS a cool venue, but the rain sort of ruined our experience. 

One thing I really didn't like about Cisco was that they allowed dogs, and even worse, SMOKING. Everything was open air, so even if you can't light up inside at the bar, smoke from outside will be blown in. Gross! I was surprised to see this was allowed anywhere on such an affluent island.

Luckily we didn't have to wait long for our free shuttle back to the center of town. It was short ride, but I couldn't wait to get out because the air condition made the van feel like 20 degrees.

There was an enormous crowd waiting in town to take the shuttle back to Cisco! I couldn't believe how many people were standing there. They would need half a dozen vans to accommodate all those people. I wonder how long they had to wait....

If you remember my first Nantucket entry, I mentioned the manager at our hotel was going to check and see if she could move us into an upgraded room. Well, she was able to hook us up with an amazing king suite at their sister property 5 minutes away, 21 Broad, for our last 3 nights. That morning we had packed up our stuff and the staff brought our luggage to the other hotel and it was waiting in our new room. 

21 Broad is a gorgeous hotel with 27 rooms that opened in the last few years. I had contemplated this hotel when planning our trip, but ultimately booked 76 Main because it was cheaper. See pics of our beautiful room below!

Sleek and modern KING bed - Eric loves a king bed!

Custom closet complete with our own Kuerig and mini fridge!

Nice new bathroom - but prefer more counter space

I love that subway tile!

We were quite pleased with our new home for the next three nights. It was so cool to be able to experience both of the Lark properties on this trip! 

After the Cisco extravaganza, we were worn out and didn't want to do much of anything. That evening we grabbed take out for dinner and I continued my quest for souvenir t-shirts!

We went to bed excited to go to Steps Beach again the next day!