Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nantucket - Wednesday - 8/3/16

YAY Beach day! I was so pumped to wake up knowing we were headed back to Steps Beach. We planned to leave early and enjoy the longest beach day possible. Our new hotel, 21 Broad is closer to Steps Beach so our walk would be shortened by a good 5-10 minutes which is quite convenient! 

The new room was amazing! The king bed was wonderfully spacious and comfortable, and I was loving the extra space. Breakfast was similar to 76 Main, except the coffee here tasted better for some reason. They must brew different beans.

We stopped at Something Natural again to pick up sandwiches for the  beach, and off we went. The first few hours were a bit windy, but it calmed shortly after and we enjoyed another glorious beach day.

Lounging for hours

Could the sky be any more blue?

Eric getting ready to crack open a beer

That's Eric out there swimming away

Front view of my one-piece

The back is cute too! I love the crazy patterns

By 4pm we really didn't want to leave! However, I made a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant and we had to head back to shower. 

Adorable bar cart on the patio for BYOB Happy Hour

The second floor windows are our room. We faced the patio

On the way up to the room, I took a few shots of the lobby. Loved all the decor! They did a great job

We hung out and enjoyed a glass of vino on the porch before dinner

Eric looking cute like always!

I could sit here and enjoy the view all night!

My dinner reservation was made at a restaurant named Oran Mor, and it was only a few blocks away. I chose this restaurant because the yelp reviews were so good, and people raved about the cocktails.

When we arrived the manager actually showed us around the restaurant and allowed us to choose which table we preferred. So far so good! We chose a private little booth near the bar with our own window. 

The service here was excellent and we loved the food. Nantucket is quite the foodie island!

Those are my wedding earrings! I always get compliments on them too

First round - my rose on the right and Eric's bourbon based cocktail on the left

The only negative thing I can say - no free bread basket. They charge $4 for this! Pretty bad

Eric looks great!

My peas and wildflower appetizer was phenomenal! Can you beat this presentation? I wish I could make this!

Decadent oysters for Eric - he thought they were amazinggg

Aviation on the left, and Flaming Daisy on the right. The Flaming Daisy was a twist on a spicy margarita that got spicier as you drank. The Aviation was so unique. I loved it

Side of cabbage that tasted like a dish from Sitto and Giddo's house - so good!

Tasty halibut

Eric's lobster pasta with homemade noodles

Dinner was such a lovely experience. Eric and I are so incredibly impressed with the high quality dining in Nantucket. Just one of a many reasons I love it here!

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  1. What a great day you two had! Eric eats a lot of oysters:). The food presentation was beautiful. Your bathing suit super cute on you tooπŸ‘™πŸ‘™. Loved the porch too! Great trip and memories!