Monday, August 1, 2016

Nantucket - Monday - 8/1/16

I woke up feeling sad that 3 days had already passed. If you've read my previous entries it's obvious we were loving Nantucket and I didn't want our week to end!

We began our day as usual with coffee and breakfast. Breakfast was free with our stay and I really liked the spread. They offered the usual items daily, such as cereal, granola, yogurt, etc.  In addition they prepared freshly baked goods made in-house. We knew because we could watch them in the kitchen prepping the night before. One morning we had scones, the next cinnamon buns, and then muffins. What I enjoyed the most was their variety of small plates that were meticulously prepped and unique each day. That morning I feasted on a tiny jar of overnight oats, a tiny plate of greens, and a small serving of cheese, fruit, and nuts. It was perfect, just like Nantucket in general.

Eric REALLY wanted to ride bikes at some point during our stay, and we thought today might be the best day. We heavily contemplated whether we should go to the beach all day or bike, and ultimately decided to bike. The forecast called for beach weather towards the end of the week, so if we didn't bike today we might not get the chance before we left.

Yesterday we explored Madaket which is on west side of the island, and today we ventured east to Siasconset. There is a bike trail (20 miles round trip) to get there and a few attractions along the way. 

On the way to the bike shop, I took photos in town.

Church in the center of town

21 Broad - our hotel's sister property

Nantucket cuteness

Good rainy day activity

There are several bike shops in town and we chose the one recommended by our hotel. The service at the bike shop was great and they were really on top of things! We were there about 30 minutes before heading off to Siasconset.

It was not easy to get to the bike trail from town. Like always, Eric navigated the whole way and I followed trying not to fall. The roads in town were busy with traffic and many areas did not have sidewalks, forcing us to bike in the road. Similar to any big city, biking in the road is very common and acceptable in Nantucket, but I felt like I was going to get hit by a car! Luckily after 10-15 minutes we had our bearings and made it to the trail safely!

The last time we rode bikes was when we were in Martha's Vineyard several years ago. We don't have bikes at home and probably won't buy them until we own a house one day with more storage. Anyhow, I forgot how fun biking can be! We were cruising along and I made sure my gear provided ample resistance for my huge quads (lol), while Eric adjusted his gear every time there was hill so it would be easier to pedal up. We laughed about this the whole way there.

Our first stop was the cranberry bog. Cranberry farming is a big business in Nantucket, and there are 24 bogs on the island. Have you seen the commercial where the guy stands in a bog and there are cranberries on the surface? That is what I was hoping to see. Instead, we basically saw a large green marsh. I took a few photos and we left.

This is the cranberry bog

My bike

Information about the bog

Next stop was the Sankaty lighthouse.  We stopped on the trail to take pictures from afar.

Sankaty Lighthouse

Stopped on the trail to take photos of the lighthouse

Stopped and took pictures of a cliff

Picturesque cliff we found near the Sankaty lighthouse

Cliff again

We rode through this gorgeous residential neighborhood along the cliff and finally arrived at the lighthouse

Could frame this one...

So happy to be in Nantucket!

We parked our bikes and took a break at the lighthouse. It was very hot and sunny, so we slathered on a ton more sunscreen and ate a few snacks I brought along in my basket.

Cute little house

Hotel bistro and pool right on Sconset Beach

Entrance to the bistro

Similar to Madaket, there is not much to see in Siasconset besides the lighthouse and beach. The bistro is the only restaurant we saw. It was fun to bike and explore, but we decided we wouldn't bother visiting this side of the island again. 

The ride back was smooth and very fast because the path was mostly flat. We stopped for lunch at Lola burger and our food was delicious! Like all the restaurants we'd been to so far, the service was great too.

My bibb salad topped with falafel and a side of guac was so good!

Eric's 50/50 burger and fries which he thought were excellent

After our leisurely lunch, we rode back into town to drop off our bikes. We had enough riding for the day and felt pooped. The Juice Bar is right next door to the bike shop so I figured it was the perfect time to treat ourselves to an ice cream. During the day the line is much shorter too.

The Juice Bar menu

Eric ordered a frappe and I had a scoop of ice cream in one of their freshly made waffle bowls. YUMMY

Back at the hotel, we relaxed for a few hours and took showers. I think Eric logged on and did some work. After three eventful nights in a row, we preferred to lay low that evening. Just before sunset, we went for a walk around town and grabbed pizza. 

Children's Beach is right in town. We walked over to check it out and I face-timed with my Mom, Danielle, and Anthony. It's a tiny beach that looks perfect for children, no pun intended

We walked over to the beach near Brant Point lighthouse. Pretty sunset

Eric in front of Brant Point lighthouse, which is the most popular lighthouse of the three in Nantucket

I spent hundreds of dollars on souvenir T-shirts here for my family. Nothing is cheap on this island!

Oath Pizza - it took forever to get our pizza here! The place was packed with obnoxious teenagers. I refuse to believe I ever behaved that way back in my day...

Our hotel offered freshly baked cookies all day every day :) They were really good! Eric indulged after his pizza

Time for bed! 

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