Friday, August 5, 2016

Nantucket - Thursday & Friday - 8/4 & 8/5/16

We really didn't want to leave Nantucket! So much so that we asked the hotel management at least a dozen times if they had any availability so we could stay one more night. Not surprisingly, they didn't have a single room open. 

When I initially told Eric we were going to Nantucket for 7 nights, he thought it was way too long. I didn't understand his logic at all, and of course, I was right! We could have stayed two weeks easily! If we hadn't gotten lucky with nice weather I don't think we would have felt so strongly, but we did, and therefore were very sad to leave!

The forecast for today was perfect, and we couldn't get back to Steps Beach fast enough! We decided to sit outside on the patio at breakfast, and this couple in their 40's sat next to us and struck up a conversation. The woman had a warm and friendly personality that made me feel like she could have been one of my aunts! Clearly, she felt comfortable with me too because she flat out asked me how old I was. haha. 

Turns out they had stayed at 21 Broad last year and loved it so much they came back. Ironically, they were just in Napa in June, and we told them how we're going in September. They stayed at the Bardessono, which is one of the most expensive hotels in Napa, and highly recommended taking a hot air balloon ride. We told them how we're enjoying life before kids, and the husband advised getting divorced because then you can leave your kids with the other parent and still do whatever you want! LOL He was kidding of course, but definitely made a good point. I guess divorced parents don't have it so bad after all...

Back to our last beach day...

I didn't want Something Natural for lunch again, so I ventured into this adorable cafe across the street called the The Corner Table Cafe to pick up food before we left. We planned to stay as late as possible at the beach, so we packed up the cooler with food, champagne, and beer and were ready to go!

As you can see, never that crowded

Poppin' that Chandon like a baller

This salad in a jar could not be more perfect for enjoying a healthy meal on the beach! 

The cafe provided a paper bowl and utensils so it's easy to eat

Eric's "Puritan" sandwich was not as good as Something Natural, but we had to try something new

Eric's tasty chicken salad with herbs

By around 6pm, we decided to head back to the hotel feeling sad that our Nantucket beach time was officially over. We didn't do much on our last night, besides eat a quick dinner and shop around. 

View of the courtyard from our room

The forecast on departure day was perfect, which made it even harder to leave! We took our sweet time in the morning hanging out and packing. We had nothing left to do but enjoy one last meal and take a little walk around town.

Streets of Nantucket

Famous Nantucket bookshop

Famous Nantucket clothing store - very pricey!

Taking it all in once last time

Since Cru was the first restaurant we ate at, and also our FAV, it was only fitting to enjoy our last meal there too

Eric's fried fish sandwich - obviously it was excellent!

My fresh and flavorful chicken salad

I'd like to know who owns this yacht!

One yacht after another


Lighthouse in the distance

Another shot of the patio at our hotel, right before departing

View from the ferry

Shot from the ferry


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  1. I really want to visit someday in my lifetime. Such gorgeous pictures!!!!