Sunday, September 11, 2016

Napa - Sunday - 9/11/16

I had a rough night of sleep after the wedding, and woke up very ready to leave for Napa. Shortly after waking, I met Holly in the kitchen and we hashed out the details of the wedding. Not surprisingly, we agreed it was a phenomenal event and had a wonderful time. When I apologized for leaving without her, she was a good sport and expressed that she didn't mind at all. Whenever you have a destination wedding, I believe it's critical to stay very close to the venue because you never know what the night will bring!

Holly and Jay packed up and headed out around 10am. They were going back to Chicago, and had a 2 hour drive to the Sacramento airport ahead of them. We were ready to leave by 11. It took a little bit of extra time to close up the house because there were "chores" to do. We emptied out the fridge, took out the garbage, consolidated all our dirty towels into a pile, and put away the dishes. This is precisely why I prefer a hotel. The house my friend Aman stayed in with her family required that they wash and dry all their linens before checking out. NO THANKS!

Rachelle's parents hosted a brunch at their rental house that morning, so we stopped by before heading to Napa. When we arrived, the house was already packed to the max! I was really impressed that Chelle's family was able to wake up the morning after the wedding and cook up this enormous brunch for 80+ people. The entire kitchen, family room, and deck were filled with friends and family eating and reminiscing about the weekend. It was a really fun way to say good bye to everyone and hang out for one last time. 

I admired Chelle's new diamonds and told her and Mikey that their wedding weekend was truly phenomenal. They plan to take a belated honeymoon to Moorea and Bora Bora over the holidays, and are headed to Palm Springs for a mini-moon in the meantime.

After about an hour or so, it was time to hit the road. Bye Arnold!

The drive headed east to Napa took approximately 3 hours and was mainly on 2 lane tiny backroad highways through very interesting landscape. Every once in a while we'd come across a section dedicated to passing, which people took advantage of at full speed. The ride was smooth and scenic in some areas. We passed through many desolate looking towns that creeped me out because they reminded me of the towns I see on TV where people get murdered. 

As we approached Napa Valley the surrounding area became more populated and with only one stop at Walmart to pee, we found ourselves in wine country. 

For those of you who are new to Napa, the Valley consists of 4 main cities, starting with Napa Proper as you head north to Yountville, St Helena, and Calistoga. After a great amount of research and advise, we chose to stay at the Solage located in the beautiful town of Calistoga. 

Exterior of the Solage Lobby

2 Bocci courts available to use at any time (we never played)

Bentley's on site for guests to test drive

The grounds were STUNNING, of course

Our cottage - number 49
We were THRILLED with our cottage (pictures below) and SO HAPPY to finally be in Napa. Our king suite was simple, super clean, and very comfortable while also luxurious. 

Our bikes parked outside

View of other cottages when you walk outside our front door

Hallway to our door

Spacious King

Complimentary bottle of Chardonnay for my birthday

Welcome bag was a nice touch

Huge TV in the upper right corner! We had it on only a few times

There was a fridge underneath the counter we used for drinks and leftovers. They provided delicious ground coffee and I made a pot most mornings

The bathroom area was HUGE

Lots of counter space, just the way we like it

Separate toilet room. Also notice our plush robes

Not one, but two full length mirrors!

Full size spa products were awesome

We LOVED having our own porch. It was perfect

iPad in the room contained all the information you'd need about the resort

I was mesmerized by the lush landscape and impeccable view

We had 2 couches and a table. On the other side of the fence was the main pool

View on the patio when looking to the right

We settled in and decided to grab a bite to eat at SolBar, which is a Michelin-star restaurant located at our resort. They have a beautiful outdoor seating area, and it was a gorgeous afternoon.  Unfortunately after food was served, our table was attacked by bees and we had to move. Apparently the bees are attracted to meat, and it was not pleasant to eat a meal with bees swarming everywhere (okay, there were like 2 bees, but still...). 

The restaurant's interior was seriously gorgeous. I couldn't stop staring at everything. The service throughout the entire meal was top notch too. We ordered off the mid-afternoon menu.

Free appetizer. The kale chips were so good

I wish I knew how to make those roasted peppers. The chicken literally fell right off the bone

Eric thought the burgers were delicious

Fries were perfectly crisp and addicting

After eating we took a walking tour of the grounds.  At the pool we were approached by a cute pool boy who led us around the area and explained important details, such as the pool bar hours and corkage rules if you bring your own bottles.

We continued on to the event space and it was so nice! i could see why they host so many weddings and parties every year.

Finally there was a large spa area, which included a gym, studio, plush locker rooms, a geothermal heated pool, and separate his/her outdoor patios complete with another "clothing optional" pool, jacuzzi, and steam room. Whoa, we were impressed. An employee approached us and gave us a quick tour. I had already scheduled their signature mudslide spa treatment and couldn't wait!

Entrance to spa

After our little walk, we were happy to unwind and relax in the room. The shower was INCREDIBLE!! It's nice to be on a vacation where the amenities are actually better than what you have at home.

Eric enjoyed the early start time for Sunday night Patriots football (5pm!!! West Coast!!!)  We planned to begin our wine tasting adventures early the next morning, so we tried to get to sleep a bit early. Plus I was still feeling hungover from the wedding and needed a break!

Good night!

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  1. wow this place is absolutely beautiful and so relaxing and just so Cali... how lucky you and eric are to have stayed at this beautiful hotel,resort. pictures are gorgeous