Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Napa - Tuesday - 9/13/16

Happy Tuesday! Or in my case, happy spa day! Today Eric and I planned to enjoy the resort amenities and simply veg out. I began the day with Mat Pilates offered that morning in the studio. One wall of the studio had floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the rich landscape and mountains that created the most tranquil setting for class.

Afterwards Eric and I went to the gym and I ran a quick 3-miler on the treadmill while Eric did his own workout. By 11am, it was time to change into my robe and grab a snack before my 90 minute spa treatment.

Serene atmosphere on our porch

Calistoga is known for their "signature mudslide treatments" so naturally, I had to try it out. Here is the description in the brochure: 

Improve your well-being three-fold. This modern twist on the traditional Calistoga mud bath is a unique three-part detoxifying treatment: “the mud”, “the waters” and “the rest.” Cleanse, nurture and restore.

the mud - Our exclusive mineral-enriched mud is customized with your choice of pure essential oils to achieve specific results tailored to your needs. After an attendant assists with your mud application, rest in one of our heated mud lounges or bask in the sun while your body is purified. 

the waters - Relax and rehydrate in one of our private luxurious soaking tubs featuring Solage’s healing geo-thermal mineral waters. 

the rest - Sink into the ultimate sensory experience with one of our state-of-the-art sound chairs. Listen to soothing harmonic music as its healing vibrations resonate through the chair into your entire body, promoting deep relaxation.

I loved this unique experience and would definitely do it again.  Before you begin, the spa technician helps you choose an oil to mix into your mud. After mixing my special mud into a little bucket, she led me into a private bathhouse complete with indoor/outdoor showers, an outdoor patio, and lounge chairs. For around 30 minutes, I sat inside this warm room slathering the mud all over my body which had quite a therapeutic effect. After the mud sits on your skin for awhile, you rinse it off in the shower and just relax. It's basically a facial for your entire body. I loved having the option to use the shower inside the bathhouse, or step outside on my personal patio and use the outdoor shower. It was really cool! 

Next, the spa lady led me to another room with a stand-alone tub where I sat and soaked in bath salts for another half hour.

Finally I went to a third room that had this huge comfy looking chair. I sat in the chair and the lady wrapped me all up in a cozy blanket. I reclined with headphones and listened to relaxing music that vibrated throughout the entire chair.  This was probably my favorite part! I wish I could do this daily.

After the treatment, I went over to the spa pool where Eric was waiting for me.

Geothermal heated spa pool! It was sooooo wonderfully warm

I wish I was always this relaxed

I'll take a spatini now actually

While I was away, Eric took advantage of the steam room and ice bath in the men's area. He was lounging next to the pool reading when I found him. I spent the rest of the afternoon rotating between the pool, steam room, and Jacuzzi. 

We had a dinner reservation at 7pm so after awhile we headed back to shower.

Unwinding after our spa day with this lovely Sabina wine that we took home from our tasting yesterday

Captured the view in the parking lot before heading to dinner

Farmstead for dinner - one of the many "it" spots in Napa

They grow much of their own produce right on site. We were able to walk around and explore the garden

People always offer to take our photo - thanks!

My fav

Neat signage - I think they throw outdoor BBQ parties throughout the year

Yes, I know I've worn this outfit a few times before ;)

Had enough wine - let's try a cocktail.  Eric's one on the right tasted like drinking a tomato & basil salad, he said it was amazing and refreshing!

Another scrumptious tomato salad with cheese on top

Splurged on this decadent mac & cheese

My chicken entree - took most of it home for lunch the next day

Eric's fried chicken special was mouth watering

I'm glad we tried Farmstead for dinner. It was hard to choose a restaurant because there are so many excellent options around Napa, but I liked that they emphasized using their own locally grown produce. The food was yummy, the service was excellent, and the atmosphere was very nice, especially the huge outdoor patio. 

Nice treat waiting for each of us every night. That is a lavender chocolate

Another awesome day complete. Tomorrow is my birthday...

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