Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rachelle's Wedding Day - Saturday - 9/10/16

We finally connected with Holly and her husband Jay at the rehearsal dinner the night before. On the way home last night, they stopped at the gas station and picked up groceries because nothing else was open. 

In the morning, we all met up in the kitchen and made a big breakfast. Holly was actually able to buy bacon, eggs, and toast at the gas station! I was a little hesitant to eat food from a gas station, but breakfast turned out delicious!  We all cooked together and talked for hours before deciding to head out and explore Calaveras Big Trees State Park (about a 10 minute drive). 


That's one big tree trunk

Holly, Jay, and Eric climbed up on the huge tree trunk

Fallen tree

We walked the North Grove trail, which was about 1.5 miles

Holly posing

We were able to climb inside a tree trunk!

Holly and I reunited and it feels great!

The 4 of us


Tree Education

The park was a perfect daytime activity to occupy us until the wedding. The weather cooperated with clear blue skies, 0 mph wind, and comfortable warm tempatures.  Once we returned to the house, we ate a few snacks and began the process of getting ready. Before we knew it, we needed to leave for the wedding, which was located at the country club in our neighborhood and only two minutes away.

By the time we arrived most of the guests were already there. Everyone was hanging out and drinking champagne before the ceremony. We immediately grabbed a glass and found a few chairs. The ceremony took place in front of a pretty pond on the golf course and was officiated by Mikey's sister.

Gorgeous setting for a ceremony

There's our gorgeous bride!

Love the dress! Her Dad looks great too!

That veil and train...

After the ceremony we headed up to the bar for Cocktail Hour with everyone else. The entire event took place outdoors and it was a WONDERFUL ATMOSPHERE

Dammmnnnnnn BOY.....

I must say we all look phenomenal 

We sat at the Sterling Heights table which was basically a VIP spot! We had the best view

Loving everything and the weather could not be better

Views everywhere you looked

Hi Holly! Dinner was so fun :)

Tasty salads for everyone

I decided to try the vegetarian dish, which was a butternut squash ravioli - YUM

Eric's filet was SO GOOD

These cupcakes were flavorful and delicious

So proud of my Shinola - Yay Detroit!

Our table in action - look at cute Eric smiling for me

Everyone's gift was a selfie stick - we had way too much fun with this thing

Holly and her husband Jay

Me and Aman! Last time I saw her was in Rome

Oh look at them...pure bliss

Sarah, the maid of honor, giving her speech

They gave a nice toast

Only Chelle would have a step and repeat

We seriously danced the night away!!

Group Shot I think Eric took

Wonderful Memories!

Once we hit the dance floor we didn't stop for hours. The entire evening was a blast. 

I may have had TOO much fun because we left without Holly and Jay. Oops, totally forgot! Luckily they didn't mind because the walk to the house was only 5 minutes. 

All in all, it was an event I'll never forget! 
Congratulations Chelle and Mikey!

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  1. holly looks great... the tree pictures were unreal. what a place, the views... the wedding looked beautiful the weather and the trees and décor and perfect weather... you guys looked wonderful... beautiful pictures good job!!!